• Organic Lotion Stick - Unscented
  • Organic Lotion Stick - Unscented
  • Organic Lotion Stick - Unscented

Organic Lotion Stick - Unscented

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Feel confident again and watch your skin transform from embarrassingly dry and flaky to beautiful, glowing, and healthy in a matter of seconds. Our water-free formula not only protects your skin for at least 12 hours, it prevents it from future dryness by sealing your skin with essential Vitamins K, E and essential fatty acids. Perfect for kids and adults who suffer from Eczema as it provides all day moisture, naturally!


Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1 - Jaclyn B.

"I have used them all. On myself and especially on my two kids that have extra dry skin and has helped them so much. It is not greasy or sticky at all. I like to take it with me anywhere I go so convenient to travel because it is lightweight product and perfect size as well. It leaves your skin naturally glowing"

Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1Glowing Star on Apple iOS 12.1- Sadie S.

Love it! This lotion stick is perfect! I keep it in my bag and I've been using it for my legs, elbows and my face throughout the day when i get dry spots. It soaks into my skin and feels great. I love how moisturizing it is! I love that I can control the moisture by tapping it on if I need something light or add pressure when rubbing in for dryer areas. My skin is really sensitive but there has been zero irritation and I can tell really great ingredients were used for this product. love it!!

Introducing our brand new line of Organic Natural Lotion Sticks
Green & Gorgeous Organics Natural Lotion Stick is a convenient way to moisturize your entire body, quickly and naturally! Perfect for On The Go! We use powerful ingredients provided by Mother Nature.

Our long-lasting formula helps moisturize your skin without the use of toxic chemicals.
A little goes along way!
Use Everywhere! Lips, Hands, Legs, Elbows, Face, Under Eyes, Cuticles, and Heels!

1 oz. - Lasts up to one month!

Our Promise….

*Always Paraben Free, Artificial Fragrance Free, Chemical Free, Propylene Glycol Free, and Gluten Free
100% Natural and Organic
Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free, and Eco-Friendly
Safe For You and Our Environment

*We are PROUD of our Plastic-Free, Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging!
Handcrafted in San Francisco, CA, USA
Tested on Humans NOT Animals!

*Return Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!



  • Organic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus) - 

    This Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial oil is rich in Vitamin E which acts as an emollient that traps moisture inside your skin cells, allowing it to remain hydrated for at least 12 hours.

  • Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao) - 

    This miracle ingredient is packed with Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and essential fatty acids which allows the skin to heal from damaged oxidative stress while nourishes and protects skin from the damage of free radicals caused by the environment.

  • Organic Beeswax (Cera Alba) - 

    This secret ingredient is essential for chapped, dry, and itchy skin as it carries Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-bacterial properties which creates a protective wall by sealing in moisture in your skin without clogging up your pores.

  • Organic Essential Oils - Absolutely no fragrance used, only high quality organic essential oils that are heavily tested for any harsh chemicals.

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