The Bay Area: home of the organic beauty boom

by Krisy K. |

The Bay Area, which is the area surrounding the San Francisco Bay in northern California, is known for being a few things: a tech hub, something of a utopia, and home to an organic beauty boom. A recent Vogue article titled, “Is the Bay Area the next beauty capital? 10 natural skin-care and makeup brands to know now” proves that the area is a prime place for organic beauty right now. Although Green & Gorgeous Organics is not in a Vogue top-10 (yet), we’re happy to be a part of the emerging trend. Our hope is to see less brands with junk ingredients and more brands like us, using quality ingredients that are good for our customers and the environment.
Here are a few reasons the Bay Area is home to the organic beauty boom:

  • The Bay Area is an organic haven
  • The Bay Area is home to America’s first organic fast food restaurant. If that doesn’t give you a feel for the demand for organic in the area, it was also voted the number one city for living the organic lifestyle by Organic Authority thanks to many restaurants and markets catering to the lifestyle.
  • The Bay Area breeds entrepreneurs
  • Studies have shown that the Bay Area offers advantages to starting a business: its educational and research infrastructure, reputation as a place for venture capital funding, and overarching culture that values tech talent, innovation, and networking. This makes the area a prime place for beauty entrepreneurs to start businesses here.
  • It’s an alternative-lifestyle-loving kind of place
  • San Francisco, in particular, has been known as a place where it’s OK to be weird -- alternative and diverse lifestyles are accepted here. Although one-third of current residents are intending to leave due to the high cost of living, it is a place where cultural, spiritual, and ethnic diversity flourish. Organic beauty, which isn’t yet in the mainstream, goes against what the big beauty giants are producing. If there were anywhere for the organic beauty revolution to take off, it’s the Bay Area.
    At Green & Gorgeous Organics, we make our organic dry shampoo by hand in a kitchen in San Francisco. We are passionate about protecting the planet and only create products that our customers can feel good about. Check us out to see why we love what we do and are proud to be from the Bay Area.