The Bay Area: home of the organic beauty boom

by Krisy K. |

The Bay Area, which is the area surrounding the San Francisco Bay in northern California, is known for being a few things: a tech hub, something of a utopia, and home to an organic beauty boom. A recent Vogue article titled, “Is the Bay Area the next beauty capital? 10 natural skin-care and makeup brands to know now” proves that the area is a prime place for organic beauty right now. Although Green & Gorgeous Organics is not in a Vogue top-10 (yet), we’re happy to be a part of the emerging trend. Our hope is to see less brands with junk ingredients and more brands like us, using quality ingredients that are good for our customers and the environment.
Here are a few reasons the Bay Area is home to the organic beauty boom:

  • The Bay Area is an organic haven
  • The Bay Area is home to America’s first organic fast food restaurant. If that doesn’t give you a feel for the demand for organic in the area, it was also voted the number one city for living the organic lifestyle by Organic Authority thanks to many restaurants and markets catering to the lifestyle.
  • The Bay Area breeds entrepreneurs
  • Studies have shown that the Bay Area offers advantages to starting a business: its educational and research infrastructure, reputation as a place for venture capital funding, and overarching culture that values tech talent, innovation, and networking. This makes the area a prime place for beauty entrepreneurs to start businesses here.
  • It’s an alternative-lifestyle-loving kind of place
  • San Francisco, in particular, has been known as a place where it’s OK to be weird -- alternative and diverse lifestyles are accepted here. Although one-third of current residents are intending to leave due to the high cost of living, it is a place where cultural, spiritual, and ethnic diversity flourish. Organic beauty, which isn’t yet in the mainstream, goes against what the big beauty giants are producing. If there were anywhere for the organic beauty revolution to take off, it’s the Bay Area.
    At Green & Gorgeous Organics, we make our organic dry shampoo by hand in a kitchen in San Francisco. We are passionate about protecting the planet and only create products that our customers can feel good about. Check us out to see why we love what we do and are proud to be from the Bay Area.

    5 uses for All Natural Organic Dry Shampoo

    by Krisy K. |

    All Natural Organic Dry Shampoo

    5 uses for All Natural Organic Dry Shampoo

    By: Krisy K.

    Dry shampoo, especially organic, non-aerosol dry shampoo, has so many uses. The list goes on and on and, if you’ve never used it, you’re missing out on a versatile, simple beauty product that saves you time and money. Dry shampoo has even made my hair healthier by extending the number of days I can go between washes. Here are my five favorite uses for dry shampoo that make it a must-have product for almost anyone:

    1. Use dry shampoo on the go

    I love to pack a travel-size dry shampoo in my bag, because it’s light and compact enough to carry around anywhere. I fly at least once a month and keep this on me because it’s airline-approved for a carry-on (no liquid, no aerosol!) and great for using post-flight to get rid of greasy hair. Here are a few more on-the-go uses:

    • At the beach - summertime is around the corner and dry shampoo is one go-to product that must be in your beach bag. It’s easy to use and great for adding to that messy beach wave look.
    • At festivals - if you’re a festival-goer and heading to South by Southwest, Ultra or Coachella soon, bring dry shampoo to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh when you can’t wash it.
    • After a light workout - heading for a night out right after yoga and don’t want to waste time washing and blow drying your hair? Sprinkle on some dry shampoo and go!
    • On a road trip - going on a road trip and don’t want to sit in the car for hours with greasy hair? Use dry shampoo in travel size and you’ll feel and look better by the time you arrive at your destination.


    1. Enjoy your blowout a few days longer

    I love how my hair looks after a trip to my stylist and can never seem to make it look as good at home, so using dry shampoo after a new cut allows me to enjoy the professional blowout look for longer.

    1. Add some volume to your hairstyle

    If your hair is limp or you’re going for an ultra-voluminous look, use dry shampoo at the roots to lift up and add body to your hair. Dry shampoo also adds texture for a tousled, unkempt look.

    1. Get a grip on your updo

    If you’re getting an updo, your stylist will tell you to come in with unwashed hair, because the oils will keep the style and the flyaways will stay under control. When you’re doing a casual updo at home, use dry shampoo to keep it in place. It helps to hold your bobby pins in as well!

    1. Put your bangs in their place

    Bangs + warm weather = sticky, piece-y bangs. Sprinkle some dry shampoo on the underside of your bangs to prevent them from sticking to your forehead. This simple trick will keep your bangs looking neat all day.

    How dry shampoo can improve your hair

    There are natural oils in your hair that get stripped when you wash it every day, so consider taking a break between washes with the help of dry shampoo. You’ll save time on washing and styling your hair every day, and will save money on products.

    Your hair will also look better from not having a ton of buildup from daily shampooing and conditioning, and it won’t look dry from exposure to heat products every day. Our dry shampoo is organic and chemical-free, so you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores or ruining your hair follicles from overuse. 

    Don’t know how to use dry shampoo? Check out this short video and the instructions here.

    Green & Gorgeous Organics dry shampoo is an easy, natural way to clean your hair without water to make it smell fresh and look great!

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    How to go all-organic with your beauty products (and why!)

    by Krisy K. |

    Switching to all Organic beauty products

    How to go all-organic with your beauty products (and why!)
    By Krisy K.

    What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? When we’re talking about what’s in your beauty products -- wrong. Beauty and personal care products have an average of 12 chemicals in them and women use an average of 12 of these products a day. When you consider that you’re exposing yourself to these chemicals repeatedly, it’s time to revamp your beauty kit. 

    You may think you’re safe because you choose products that are labeled “herbal,” “natural” or “organic.” Unfortunately, there are no laws for using these terms, so companies can label a product with cancer-causing chemicals “organic.” Learn about what toxins to look for, do a product audit, and gradually take steps to an all-organic, good-for-you-and-the-environment beauty kit.


    Step 1: Know what chemicals to look for

    Keep the dirty dozen in mind so you know what you don’t want in your products. The following are just a few from that list:

    • BHA and BHT – used as a preservative in makeup and moisturizers. May cause cancer and is a suspected endocrine disruptor (interrupts with our endocrine glands, their hormones, and where the hormones act).
    • Parfum (fragrance) – a mixture of chemicals, which are often a mystery – they’re not even listed! Can trigger asthma and allergies.
    • Petrolatum – in hair and lip products. May have cancer-causing properties.
    • Talc – found in dry shampoo, baby powder, lotion, and eye shadow, and may contain asbestos, which can cause cancer.


    Step 2: Audit your beauty kit

    Choose an organization system – colored labels, three boxes or bags – and lay out all of your beauty products. If you’re using green, yellow, and red labels, for example, begin by reading the ingredients on a product and tag them accordingly:

    • Green/Keep: no harmful ingredients (yes!)
    • Yellow/Review: 5 or fewer harmful ingredients
    • Red/Throw away: 5 or more harmful ingredients

    Given that it’s likely some of your products have 12 or more harmful ingredients in them, you can adjust these numbers depending on how hardcore you want to make your audit. Is one of your favorite, must-have, can’t-live-without-it products in the red category? Read on to find out what to do.


    Step 3: Shop smart and be patient

    The key to going all-organic is patience. You can’t trash all of your products and replace them with all-new-to-you organic products and expect the change to go smoothly. Give yourself time to phase out your chemical-ridden products; don’t throw them all away yet!

    • Choose your favorite product - start with your can’t-live-without-it product, like dry shampoo, for example.
    • Find an organic brand - research great companies who are truly 100% organic, natural, and don’t use harmful ingredients. Find an organic, natural dry shampoo that is safe for you and the environment.
    • Try, try again - give the product a try. Purchase a small size and see if you like it.

    For dry shampoo lovers, check out our organic dry shampoo that has six ingredients in total. Green & Gorgeous Organics dry shampoo is a vegan, GMO-free, talc-free, and paraben-free dry shampoo that isn’t in an aerosol can (even our packaging is environmentally-friendly). There are no fillers or hidden ingredients and it’s a perfect on-the-go solution for refreshing your hair and adding volume and texture.

    When you know about the chemicals in your products it’s impossible to rationalize continuing to use them. The benefit of switching to organic products is the peace of mind you’ll have. Products that are free from harmful chemicals are products you can apply liberally and with a clear conscience. Good luck taking the leap to all-organic, we promise you won’t regret it! 

    P.S. If you need some serious Green Beauty tips, make sure to follow our favorite Green Beauty Bloggers!

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    What's so bad about Dry Aerosol Shampoo?

    by Krisy K. |

    What’s so bad about dry aerosol  shampoo?
    By Krisy K.

    Consider me an expert on dry shampoo. During my hunt for the best organic, natural dry shampoo available, I scoured the internet and my favorite shops. I researched and analyzed ingredients. What I found wasn’t pretty -- long lists of harmful preservatives and chemicals, even from companies that claim to be all-natural and organic.

    The ingredients in most dry shampoos may seem fine in small doses, however, just because it’s safe in small quantities doesn’t make it risk-free. Your scalp absorbs at rates 5 to 10 times higher than other parts of your body and repeated exposure to these chemicals only increases the potential for harm. Dry shampoo is invaluable for unwashed hair days and I believe everyone should have it in their beauty toolkit, but does it need to be ridden with chemicals?

    Let’s take a look at the harmful ingredients in most dry shampoos, their potential negative effects, and an alternative to these chemical-ridden options.

    Toxic ingredients in dry shampoo

    Alcohol denat
    Denatured alcohol is ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, mixed with a denaturing agent. Ethanol is broadly toxic.

    Talc acts as an absorbent in dry shampoo; it’s a powdered native, hydrous magnesium silicate that may have asbestos fibers in it, which poses a risk for respiratory toxicity and cancer.

    Parabens are a fragrance ingredient and a preservative. Paraben mimics estrogen, acting as a potential hormone system disruptor. You’ll find parabens in many products labeled all natural and organic.

    Fragrance (perfume)
    Fragrance is a known human immune toxicant and possibly a human respiratory irritant. Fragrance has been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
    Dry shampoos commonly come in a spray-on, aerosol container. These cans have a propellant to force chemicals out of the can and into the air. We’ve known for decades about the harmful effects of aerosol on the ozone layer and LPG is its replacement. What’s in LPG? Butane, propane, and isobutane. These are colorless, odorless gasses. Propane takes the place of oxygen in the lungs, which makes breathing difficult or impossible. These gasses can give you headaches, mood swings, nausea and not only harm you, but the people and the environment around you.

    A natural alternative

    I founded Green & Gorgeous Organics to start a beauty company that’s completely transparent with its ingredients. I don’t think it’s fair to mislead people by including harmful ingredients and labeling the product natural or organic. At Green & Gorgeous Organics, we explain why we use each ingredient and how they’re beneficial to you. I began with dry shampoo because it’s a favorite product of mine.

    Our Organic Natural Dry Shampoo Powder is vegan, organic, sulfate free and fragrance-free. It’s made from organic arrowroot powder, organic brown rice powder, organic horsetail powder, white clay, aluminum free baking soda, and organic essential oils. That’s it! Each ingredient serves a purpose. We don’t use filler ingredients that most companies use to sell their products cheaply. I wanted to introduce a product that’s high quality and not in an aerosol can. Our products are safe for both people and the environment.

    When I speak with people about chemicals in their cosmetics, I ask if they want to be exposed to chemical compounds on a daily or weekly basis. Do you want to expose yourself and the environment to chemical compounds in your products? If you had a choice, would you want a safer, healthier option? Now you have one.

    Interested in trying our dry shampoo? Check out our site and order directly from us.


    by Green & Gorgeous Team |

    The big day is finally here: Green & Gorgeous Organics is now up and running! 

    After months of hard work, we're finally ready to share our amazing handmade organic dry shampoo with the world. 

    Check out the rest of our site for more information and to purchase, and follow us here on our blog for updates, tips, and more.  

    Have a very green and gorgeous day! 

    <3 G&G Organics Team