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Aerosol Free - Dry Shampoo Powder Dispenser

Aerosol Free - Dry Shampoo Powder Dispenser

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Introducing our brand new Aerosol Free - Dry Shampoo DispenserPlastic Free! Made of glass and stainless steel. This is your perfect solution to toxic and harmful Aerosol cans. We're well aware of the dangers and harmful chemicals (such as...ISOBUTANE, LPG, TALC AND ALCOHOL DENAT) used in aerosol cans so we had to come up with a healthy alternative that's safe for you and the environment! We're committed to saving our planet using recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 


Instructions: Simply unscrew the lid and pour our Organic Dry Shampoo powder (sold separately) into the jar and use the pump to easily spray the powder evenly! No more messy powder everywhere or uneven pours! 


*Return Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!



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